Analog CCTV users can now enjoy 5MP HDTVI and 4K video resolution while safeguarding their investment with existing cabling infrastructure. Techpoint is launching its third and forth-generation analog HD solution.HD-TVI 4.0 and TVI 3.0 not only ensures higher video performance with up to 5MP HDTVI i


Techpoint发布消息会在IFSEC 2015上发布最新的TVI 2.0技术标准。 TVI2.0的主要接收发射芯片 HD-TVI 2.0 Receiver chipsets TP2823: 4 Channel 720P receiver with 960H support TP2824: 4 Channel 1080P receiver with 960H support TP2802: 4 Channel 1080P receiver TP9801: 1 Channel 1080P/720P receiver HD-TVI 2.0 Transmitter chipsets TP280


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