一个月前写过一篇《模拟高清摄像机的最新技术动态》,当时主推AHD方案的雄迈还只有最高5.0MP的AHD产品。没想到一个月不到,在雄迈的官网上发现了8.0MP的AHD DVR后端。这是款4路8.0MP AHD/TVI/CVI/XVI/CVBS/IP 混合DVR,最大支持UHD 4K 8.0MP AHD接入,处理器用的是Hi3521D,AHD的接收芯片网站没介绍,但是估计使用的应该是nextchip的NVP6158或者NVP6158C。 去nextchip官网上详细了解了下关于AHD 800万4K的芯片。(Nextchip官网有中英韩三种文字版本,目前只有韩语版的网站有关于AHD 4K芯片的介绍


The current generation of AHD™, AHD3.0, includes a 5 megapixel ISP to process up to 1944p@30fps. As of September 2016, AHD3.0 is the first and only solution which supports real-time QHD resolution in the segment, says NEXTCHIP. As for the forthcoming AHD4.0, the 4th gen of AHD™ product family, it wi


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