HDCVI 3.0 is the new innovation of HD-over-coax technology for realizing 4Mp/4K in coax and keeping simplicity as analog system.
This new innovation provides ultra HD video monitoring including both real-time live previewing and long-lasting recording. In applications,whether for new-build or upgrading, existing analog infrastructure can be well reused. Furthermore, it provides not only backward compatibility, but also compatibility with all popular video formats in the market. With all these, HDCVI 3.0 can best protect your investment.


• Seamless upgrade with existing coax cabling
• PoC (Power over Coax) to simplify cabling
• Plug & play, as simple as traditional analog system
• Multi-signal in one cable: Video/Audio/Data/Power
• Long distance and reliable transmission up to 1200m;UTP: Up to 450m

Ultra HD

• True end to end Ultra HD experience
• Bring 4MP/4K UHD into analog coax
• 4 megapixel real-time monitoring
• Starlight technology to optimize night vision
• 120dB True WDR to balance bright and dark regions
• H.264+/H.265 to save up to 70% bandwidth


• Re-empower analog coax with intelligence
• Face Detection
• Smart tracking to fast lock target
• Intrusion/Tripwire/Missing/Abandoned/Scene change(optional)
• People counting, Heat map
• Defog, Over-voltage/Under-voltage alarm

Field of view – object size and other considerations HD-TVI brings 4K Video to Analog Systems


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