Free surveillance VMS Software list

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Many surveillance Video Management Software (VMS) providers offer free versions, either open source, for a limited number of cameras or for a limited amount of time.
These options may help users with limited needs or those looking to test out VMS before buying it.
We have compiled a list of open-source, restricted use, and trial-version VMSes in this report.

Free surveillance VMS Software list

Open Source/Free
iSpyVisual Studio 2015 source code is available as well as precompiled installable versions.
OpenCVR/Rapidvmsfrom veyesys
veyesys RapidvmsOffers opensource code for most of the VMS platforms, but some components are only available as binaries.
ZoneminderOffers precompiled packages for linux distros, and also open source code.
OpenALPROpenALPR is an open source Automatic License Plate Recognition library.
Free With Restricted Use
Alnet Systems Netstation4 channels, 7 days recording, software login required every 8 hours
Argus DVRFully functional demo, displays "Unregistered" watermark on video
Arteco Me2 channels
ATVideo VMSNo restrictions
Axxon Next4 channels, 1TB storage
Devline Line16 channels, no time limit, but only offers live viewing, no recording
GeniusVision NVR16 channels, non-commercial use only
Herospeed VMS64 channels, but partially stolen from Milestone / Video Insight
ipConfigure Orchid4 Channels/128GB storage free. Raspberry Pi version with no hard limits, effectively limited to 4-8 cameras, depending on resolution
ISS SecureOS4 channels
Luxriot Evo1080p max resolution supported
March Networks Command Lite6 channels, 1 week of recording
Milestone Essential8 channels, no storage limits, requires annual renewal for free license key
NovoSun64 channels
Pelco DigitalSentry4 channels
Sighthound1 channel, low resolution only
Trassir8 channels
Free For Trial Period
Aimetis Symphony30 day trial
Avigilon Control Center30 day trial of Enterprise product, sales people can provide 180 day trial keys
Axis Camera Station30 day trial
Blue Iris15 day trial with watermark on video
CathexisVision5 channels, 60 day trial
Digifort VMS30 day trial
Exacq45 day trial, request key here
IndigoVision Control Center5 camera/45 day trial, longer trial periods can be requested
Logiware go198430 day trial
Ksenos90 day trial
Macroscop30 day trial
Milestone XProtect30 day trial of any version, 8 channels/5 days storage
netavis Observer30 day trial, 20 channels
Network Optix nxWitness (In US nxWitness is distributed as Digital Watchdog Spectrum)- 4 cameras, 30 day trial
OnSSI Occularis30 day trial, requires providing project/user details
SecuritySpy(runs on OS X) 30 day trial
SeeTec Cayuga30 day trial
Sony RealShot Manager30 day trial for up to 32 channels
Vicon Valerus30 day trial
VideoInsight VI Monitor60 day trial, up to 99 cameras
Wavestore VMS30 day trial
Free With Same-Brand Cameras
ACTi NVRFree for use with ACTi cameras + 1 free channel for non-ACTi cameras
Axis Camera CompanionOnly works with Axis cameras, 16 channel limit
GeoVision G-VMSFree for up to 32 GeoVision devices
Mobotix Control CenterFree for Mobotix cameras
Sony RealShot Manager9 channels free for use with Sony cameras
Video Insight VI MonitorFree when used with Panasonic cameras
Vivotek VAST32 channels free when used with Vivotek cameras
last update:6/19 2017

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